16 Jan 2014

Hobbyist Programmers

The world as we know it now heavily depends on computers, with this comes a great need for professional programmers. However, there are a great community of computer programmers that sole lonely code for fun, extra cash, community or to automate their daily work.

This group of programmers are known as "Hobbyist Programmers". For the large industries and closed source community who believe every piece of code should be sold, do not understand the idea of someone coding for fun or to give back to the community. But this community of programmers are the real hackers as we know it, those whose room window illuminate deep in the middle of the night, those who have sleepless nights and long hours of coding just to make the world a little better and a comfortable place to live in. The Open Source community which is the largest community of programmers consists of hobbyist programmers.

This community makes it possible to have a bunch of documentations, tools, source codes and so much tutorials on the world wide web, it is practically a matter of take and plug nowadays in a matter of developing a computer program or mobile applications.

However, what does it mean for the future of computer programming? is it possible for all of us to learn how to code? what if we are all computer literates and every single one of us can code? who is gonna use your application when everyone can simply make his? how will this change the world that we know and the lifestyle we live?

I will tackle this issues on my next issue, before then, everyone can live a comment below regarding this matter and in the next blog i will discuss my opinion and the opinions left in the comments.