10 Mar 2013

Real Hackers Hacking.... Called Hacks.

Who is a hacker, what does a real hacker means when he says "i am working on a hack" or "i am hacking" the correct answer to that is; He is solving a problem without using a design pattern or any specific method and in many cases the end point of such program or project is not obvious, this person is creative and have good critical thinking abilities, programming skills and mathematical skills. In this blog i will be talking about hacking in terms of "Programming" which is the traditional usage, but a lot of engineering fields use this term.

According to Eric Raymond the compiler of The New Hackers Dictionary defines a "good hack" as a clever solution to a programming problem and "hacking" is the act of doing it. But this days people refer hackers to be those bad guys who break into bank accounts or send a malicious warm that will sabotage an entire system, but actually what they are referring to is a bunch of "Social Engineers" or "Crackers" as the case may be. 
If we consider the digital world, hackers are the revolutionists, those who take the time, in creating something so beautiful that others enjoy using without even knowing how it came about, and also hackers find pleasure in developing such a world without asking for a price or compensation, but the joy of seeing it work alone is satisfying. History have recorded such hackers who revolutionize the way we live today, people such as John McCarthy, Denise Ritchie, Steve Wozniak, Tim Berners-lee, Richard Stallman, Linus Torvalds e.t.c. This men have work endlessly with or without pay to develop a digital world that we all totally rely on today for our daily activities, and the least we can do in their honor is to preserve the righteous name to only those who follow the ethics and continue where they left off. I am proud to be a hacker, if you are one you should be proud too but don't act in an unworthy manner.