23 Jan 2015

Money hinders potentials

This is not the traditional write up for this blog, however something in my mind that have to be said.
I have been and still wondering why money should be a factor against potentials, there are lots of geniuses out there, raw ideas from bright minds and skills yet to be furnaced. But most of the time, all those cannot be mined without money, why?
Why can't an organization see a good idea and fund it? Why can't an institution see a determined potential and sponsor it? Why can't a country recognize bright minds and buy them. Why do people have to always struggle in order to contribute? I just can't understand the world's logic.

Potentials denied the right to mature in innovators, skilled tarnished and turned into homeless men, great minds ignored in place of radicals that destroy systems. Why does the world have to operate this way, why is it difficult to find a few .5 percent that really understand what is important?

Why why and why????