3 Jan 2014

Conscious or Unconscious dream?

So for the past week i have been having this weird problem with sleep, when i go to bed 3:00 AM, of course with my earphones on and connected to the soundbox, i tend to live within the musics themselves, having something i feel like a dream that goes with the rhythm of the music but at the same time still feeling conscious enough that i actually know what song is playing. It is so weird to me because, before a week ago, when i plug my earphones to sleep, i fall deep asleep after atmost 5 songs.

I wake by 6:00 AM and do whatever it is that i do, feeling as if i haven't slept at night which i am not sure i actually did. By 11:00 - 12:00 AM i feel this strong urge to sleep which i definitely succum to wether i like it or not, sleep till between 5:00 - 7:00 PM where i wake again, work till 3:00 AM and continue the Circle.

The problem is, it seems impossible to break the cycle, for the fact that during the day i can't seem to force myself to stay awake till night time, and during nighttime, i can't force myself to sleep properly, rather finding myself in this realm between being asleep and awake.

Whatever it is, i have a very serious week ahead of me, where i have two major examinations, a couple of coding to do for my work colleague and games to play, yes you heard me right, games. I play games, and not talking about games like Dota or LoL (i play does too sometimes), but games such as CheckIO, some might not see the logic behind solving problems as games, well i do. Also Farmville 2, Candy Crush, Criminal Case and Pet Rescue Saga are so addictive to me, well now i don't like the fact of saying that i am addicted, but rather they are mandatory to my daily living.