3 Aug 2015

Multi Chassis 4WD Assembly

So its been quite sometime now, since i last blogged. Well recently i took upon myself an interesting hardware hack project which will last for sometime i think, but i promise to blog every step of it. Today was the first step towards this and i managed to assemble the multi chassis kit together. First of, the kit comes together with a short manual of the assembly, however i find it not really comprehensible, but it does get the job done.
This are all the parts, yea, you heard me right really all the parts, so basically the DC Motors go in first, you screw them with an M'2.5*20 (the shorter round head) screw at the top, and the longer M'2.5*25 screw at the bottom holding them with M2.5 nylon screw. So it basically looks like this with all the motors in.
Next we attach the battery case to the chassis top frame and screw it with the M'3*8 flat-head screw. Then you will need to attach four distance holders at the area specified with M3.8 screw so we can attach the chassis top frame to the bottom. Now in total you will need 8 M3.8 screws, 4 to hold the four distance holders to the bottom chassis frame, and four to attach the top chassis frame to the holders. After which to make sure your wires are exposed so as to easily attach them to whatever micro-controller you are going to be using. In my case i will be using the Arduino UNO R3 which i will introduce in the next phase of the project. You can see how the finished product looks like.
If you are interested in a visual look, I posted a Videoto YouTube highlighting some important things one might need, but overall the assembly shouldn't take more than 10 minutes. Until next time. Tschüß